Mobile modular house – is it worth it?

Mobile modular homes are beginning to appear more and more often in cities as elements of spatial development. Recycled sea containers, as they are actually called, are undoubtedly an interesting and unusual alternative to building houses. The advantage is that the investor has a much lower cost if he chooses a modular container house compared to traditional construction, but also has a positive effect on the environment, because as mentioned before – they are recycled.

The trend for modular houses has already mastered practically the whole world. Currently, they are used not only as summer houses or commercial buildings. They are currently used as year-round residential buildings, hospitals, clinics, offices and many, many more. It owes its popularity not only to its environmental friendliness, but also to its modularity. It is a technology that is characterized by the creativity of construction through expansion depending on the needs and offers the possibility of moving the house from place to place.

Mobile modular homes are a great alternative for investors who are looking for unconventional and modern solutions, industrial construction or those looking for mobile solautions. On the Polish market, we can more and more often meet companies offering just such solutions.

Enterprises propose objects whose standard is highly comparable to houses built in the frame technology, with the difference that they are made of steel, which ensures that you will be able to use it for decades without any problems.

Another advantage of mobile residential houses is that thanks to the use of modern and energy-saving materials, they have the same level of thermal insulation as in traditional construction. This in turn means that you can use such surfaces all year round, without fear even in frosty weather.

Most importantly, these houses meet the current requirements of Polish thermal and acoustic insulation standards for single-family houses.

Undoubtedly, another advantage is the short time of execution and implementation of the project.

Due to the production based on steel structures, time is saved on designing, selecting a construction team or selecting materials. Installation location in such houses, it takes only a few days, and production and delivery to a specific location takes only a few weeks.

In summary, modular container houses are an interesting and much cheaper alternative to building houses. Does it pay off? Definitely yes. Not only are they much cheaper than traditional construction, and the solutions they use are modern and ecological, but a very important element is the short time of execution and implementation of the project.


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