a line of functional and economical modular homes

modular. is a system of functional and economical modular houses created by us.

The basic building unit is a module with dimensions of 8m x 3m. It gives the possibility to build any buildings of various sizes and utility – residential and commercial. modular. system solutions provide unlimited possibilities of both expansion and reduction of the building area.

Modular houses. they can stand anywhere, without time-consuming and costly preparations and permits. The construction time is incomparably shorter than that of a house built using the traditional method, and the construction cost is significantly lower.

modular. system is the perfect solution for people looking for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes. An excellent insulation system significantly reduces the operating costs of the building.

modular. system gives you unlimited possibilities. By implementing our clients’ ideas, we are able to design a house from any number of modules.

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